Pool care basics

Cleaning your pool and surroundings

At the start of a season, if your pool was drained, it should be thoroughly cleaned with Aquasan specialty cleaners before refilling. Use them to remove algae, limescale, grease, grime and other contaminations. Rinse the surfaces after cleaning and completely drain the pool.

Aquasan Antiplaque
Aquasan All-purpose cleaner

Testing and balancing pool water

After filling your pool with fresh water, use Aquasan Pool tester to check pH levels and balance it if necessary to ideal range (7,0 – 7,4). Be sure to circulate pool water at least 4 hours after adding one of Aquasan pH balancers.

Increase pool water pH level with:
Aquasan pH plus

Decrease pool water pH level with:
Aquasan pH Minus: Granulate
Aquasan pH Minus
Aquasan pH minus - Sulphuric acid

Sanitizing your pool water

Shock your pool with Aquasan Chlorine granulate. Circulate water for at least 6 hours to disperse chlorine throughout the pool. By doing so you removed any organic contaminations. After a couple of days, when the concentration of free chlorine decreases to ideal range (max. 0,6 mg/l), add Chlorine or Combi tabs into the skimmer to maintain proper chlorine values of your water.

Aquasan Chlorine Granulate
Aquasan Chlorine Tabs
Aquasan Combi Tabs

Algae removal

3 – 4 weeks after sanitizing your pool, apply the specified amount of Aquasan Algaecide to prevent algae growth. For regular maintenance, add Algaecide every 2 – 3 weeks. Aquasan Algaecide is not required when using Aquasan Combi Tabs for sanitation, since they already contain proper amounts of algaecides (along with water clarifiers).

Aquasan Algaecide
Aquasan Algaecide Extra

Clarifying water

Filtration is essential for removing debris and other contaminations, however it is not ideal for removing smaller pieces of dirt. To improve filter efficiency add Aquasan Bistrin, a flocculant that helps combine small particles into large ones and sinks them to the floor for easy vacuum clean up.

Aquasan Bistrin